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Howard Arkley Zappo Head

Framed Limited Edition Print 840x920mm
(Certificate of Authenticity Supplied)

Zappo Head by Howard Arkley 1/499


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Arkley made Zappo head in 1987, a major work that became something of an alter-ego for the artist. Zappo head has its precursor in Arkley's notebooks from 1977, where it appeared as a skull. (Zappo was also the street name for amphetamines.) Zappo head is like a mask comprised of various elements a stylised succulent on the forehead, pierced ears, eyes that pop out and an open mouth. It is part robotic, similar to a tattoo, and has obvious references to African and Pacific Islander masks, which had been widely used as visual references in the early twentieth century by artists such as Picasso.
[excerpt https://www.monash.edu/muma/collection/First-languages-of-the-Collection/A-F/Howard-Arkley]

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