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Edward Blinter Mingurrinjji

Tribe: Marra | Clan Country: Niyarrinnjji | Language: Marrenpalla

Edward Blitner Mingurrinjji is an Indigenous artist, who specialises in Painting and carving. He was born in December 1961 in the town of Katherine in the Northern Territory. Eddie first discovered his love of painting and carving when he was about 7 years old. He was taught by his grandfather (Frederick Blitner) who would create bark paintings using natural ochres, along with woodworks such as carvings, Didgeridoo’s, boomerangs, ceremonial relics, spears, flint spear heads and many other pieces. His style, although extremely unique in its own right, is a style of painting to the Indigenous Artist from Arnhem Land and the Top End of Australia, a method using cross hatched lines. This style is known as “Wraak”.

Edward also specialises in a specific version of Wraak, which he has named the “X-ray” Method. Certain Wraak designs are specific to certain family groups and are considered sacred, in the same way certain Tartan patterns would be specific to a certain Scottish clan for example.


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