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Word Clock with Acrylic Face

450 x 450mm Word Clock with Acrylic Glass Face
$ 980.00 AUD
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Our word clocks are beautifully styled with simplicity at their core.  They accurately display time to the nearest minute, unlike many other word clocks that display the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

The face of the clock comes in various finishes including polished acrylic glass and soon to be released powder coated steel.  Faces are available in several colours, and can easily be replaced in seconds without removing the clock from the wall.

The time is easily adjusted using invisible proximity touch sensitive buttons hidden in the frame.  Other settings are adjustable including the ability to display am/pm, o'clock, and other choices for the word display.

A concealed ambient light sensor reduces the brightness of the display in darkened rooms, and maximises the brightness in sunlit rooms. You can choose to have this automatic brightness feature activated, or simply have the display on full brightness, or even to lower the brightness for 12 hours of the day to cover night-time.

  • displays the time in minutes
  • the time style can be modified by the user, e.g. am/pm mode can be selected
  • ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness
  • invisible touch sensitive buttons to set the time
  • interchangeable clock face in different materials and finishes
  • The body of the clock is wood with a high quality matt white "emperite" polyurethane finish. Four layers of coatings are applied.
  • The face of the this version of the clock is gloss acrylic glass
  • Other faces are available.
  • A power pack is included and supplied to match the country of your choice. The power pack will operate on 110 or 220 volts at 50 or 60Hz.
  • A thin matt white coloured extension cord is provided to extend the reach of the power supply and to blend it with light coloured walls.
  • The supplied cable length is 3.6 metres


  • 450 x 450mm
  • Body width is 18mm, plus the width of the acrylic glass face which is 3mm.

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